About Andel Engineering

“Happiness is a Satisfied Client”

Since 1964, Andel Engineering has been responding to help Southern California experience it’s dramatic growth in urban development over these many years.While helping to apprentice young engineers along their way too.

Andel Engineering, is a licensed, minority owned and operated Survey, Civil Engineering and Consulting firm that specializes in Land Site Planning, Designing and Surveying for Residential, Commercial, Industrial, and Public Projects. The principal engineers have a broad range of expertise in the fields of Storm Drains, Sewer, Water Systems, Grading, Surveying, Roads and the Geo-metrics of Subdivisions, to mention just a few.

As Andel Engineering moves toward its milestone 60th anniversary, the pattern of growth, redevelopment and as the Federal Government under Biden and Harris seek to face America’s infrastructure issues and stimulate our economy with America’s Job Act a large call for civil Engineers will keep going out and Andel will be there.

To meet these enormous engineering demands it will require specific, accurate and cost effective solutions.


Mr. Bolden's personal interests

My personal interest are many. I truly believe that I live in a world of 6 to 7 billion neighbors. Regularly I pray for all of these neighbors and work hard at giving total respect to each of these neighbors as I encounter them every day.

I am a resident of Valencia California a subdivision in Santa Clarita, California.

Link with me

Bolden is oldest member of the Santa Clarita Valley Rotary Club, Ed was invited to join New Hall Rotary which became in 1964 by his best friend Harry Bell


Ed Bolden's Elk's Club he has been president and he volunteered the surveying to build a new parking lot

Ed Bolden recently choose to become Vice president verses President of Samuel Dixon Family Health Centers which he does as a volunteer.